Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something Very Un-American Is Going On.

I never thought I’d say this, but Benito Mussolini had it right: “Newspapers were invented to change public opinion.”  And like Mussolini's reasons for using the media, the cause for its use in the United States today is as threatening.  What once was believed to be mere bias, or leftist propaganda, or perhaps unintended inaccuracies, is now too wide-spread to continue to ignore its effect on our system of government as coincidental to that of Marxist socialism.  Hear me out, and please, somebody, prove me wrong.

By way of example, the Washington Post is "typical" main stream media.  Ironically, in an article about patriotism, July 1, pg A01, Obama Fiercely Defends His Patriotism, they reveal something very un-American.  It's not so much what they printed as it is why.   

I'll begin with their use of subliminal messaging.  Between the Washington Post staff writers reporting on Obama's speech on patriotism and Obama himself in his speech, Obama’s name was linked to presidents Harry S. Truman, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.  McCain on the other hand was linked to George W. Bush, after this newspaper did all it could to change public opinion about Bush’s presidency for the worse.  Evidently, in the view of the main stream media, readers are too stupid to know about subliminal messages.  And evidently they're right with respect to 18 to 24 year-olds.  All these new voters know is Obama is great presidential material.  Wonder where they get that from? 

More disturbingly in the same article there’s a statement that Obama's patriotism is questioned "especially in white, working-class regions."  It goes on to suggest that any questioning of Obama’s patriotism is rooted in the civic rights movement or some other cultural war.  So, don’t even dare look at the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, a Marist brand of socialism disguised as a religion that teaches the destruction of the white enemy by all means available and to which Obama subscribed and supported for the past twenty-odd years.  Instead, the main stream media wants us to believe that any investigation into Obama’s prior loyalties would be a racist act.

And of course the article points to "false rumors," which apparently only petty conservative bloggers are spreading on the Internet about Obama.  The staff writers make the ridiculous assertion that certain facts, such as the trivial thingies about the flag pin and not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or not placing his hand over his heart during the playing of the entire national anthem are merely "false rumors."  Never mind that they were all once true until voters started mentioning it – they're not true now, so now they're false.  These are merely clues, hints, symptoms of the true character within, but pay no attention to them, and if you do, you're small-minded. 

The main stream media has not bothered to report on the political creed to which Obama has pledged his loyalty over the past twenty years.  The last time I checked, the Pope was not on the Internet spreading “rumors.”  Pope Benedict XVI has condemned Liberation Theology, calling it “radically Marxist” and that it's a “new interpretation of Christian reality.”  It distorts the Christian faith, reduces it to politico-social liberation praxis (action), pitting class against class, Marxism against Capitalism, it’s a “bloody political revolution.”  Sound familiar? ( Pope Benedict aka Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.)  

And then we have the Communist Party backing Obama, actually boasting how their "Activists from Illinois were immersed in the campaign to elect Barack Obama to the U.S. Senate,” which you can read for yourself right off their Web site.  This too is not news worthy.

Are you getting the picture?  Loyalty to the United States is THE most crucial concern of every era throughout our history, but especially in this day and age.  Yet our media is doing all it can to deny the American people their “right to know” where Obama's loyalties may lie, while waging an all-out campaign to discourage us from questioning, labeling those who seek answers about his background as shallow racist.  Again, sound familiar?

Given the fact that the Communist Party will back anyone who they believe will aid them in the destruction of Capitalism, and given the fact that for past twenty years Obama has supported and subscribed to a political creed designed to create havoc and overthrow our system of government, why is the main stream media so engaged in electing him president? 

Because....   Something very un-American is going on.  If you have a better explanation, let's hear it.  

Until then, I give the Washington Post...

The Bird