Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Calling All Bloggers To Post A Conscious Effort

Merry Christmas 2

I will be making  a conscious effort to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas.

My way of saying that I am celebrating

the birth Of Jesus Christ.

So I am asking my fellow bloggers,

if you agree with me,

to please do the same… 

maybe we can prevent one more

American tradition from being lost in the sea of

"Political Correctness".

Merry Christmas 1

Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama’s Kenyan Family Members Muzzled

The Kenyan government has blocked Kenyan members of President-elect Barrack Obama's extended family from talking to the media. Family members will have to ask permission from the government before issuing any statement concerning Obama.

According to allAfrica.com, a proposed Obama Cultural Home comprised of "a museum, a gallery, a library and a leadership centre" will be put up in the sleepy village of Kogelo.

Athman Said, an Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Heritage, said that his department was “liaising” with the United States government “to have both published and un-published materials by President-elect Obama on display” at a newly proposed library.

The ban on Obama’s Kenyan family members talking to the media without government permission most likely stems from Obama’s step-grandmother’s statements earlier this year in which she swore before witnesses that she was present at Obama’s birth in Kenya.

Attorney Philip J. Berg had filed a U.S. Supreme Court Writ of Certiorari and Application for Stay of the Presidential Election based on affidavits by Rev. Kweli Shuhubia and interviews by Bishop McRae with Sarah Hussein Obama.

According to Berg, “Justice Kennedy denied our Application for an Injunction to Stay Electoral Vote Count by Congress on January 8, 2009. However, our Writ of Certiorari is still pending and is now scheduled for Conference before U.S. Supreme Court on January 9, 2009.”

According to a Dec 18 International Analyst Network article, clouds still hover over the presidential election due to lingering questions about Obama’s birth place and constitutional eligibility to become president.

"Should Senator Obama be discovered, after he takes office, to be ineligible for the Office of President of the United States of America and, thereby, his election declared void," argues the Alan Keyes case pending in California, "Americans will suffer irreparable harm in that (a) usurper will be sitting as the President of the United States, and none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal."

A Nov 7 article in the Voice of America News, states that US President-Elect Barack Obama's 84-year old step-grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, wants to travel to the United States to witness the inauguration of her grandson on January 20, 2009.

Although Sarah is Obama's step grandmother, the president-elect reportedly treats her like his natural grandmother.

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Mmmmm, wonder why the Kenyan side of the family is being muzzled?

Monday, November 24, 2008

For now...

I'm busy working on another project.  Will return to blogging after the holidays.  For now...  Here's wishing everyone a joyful, safe, and blessed


Friday, November 21, 2008

Last chance to fight for our Constitution

Former Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg filed a lawsuit addressing the citizenship status of Barack Obama before the Democratic National Convention and copied Democratic Chairman Howard Dean. It should have alerted them that there was a possible problem before they selected their nominee. But that problem was ignored. Other lawsuits filed before Nov. 4 were also ignored, placing us in what could be a constitutional crisis.

The good news is the real election hasn't taken place yet. The Electoral College doesn't meet until Dec. 15. That gives us less than a month to find the answers to the looming questions regarding whether Barack Obama meets the constitutional requirements for the office of president.

The courts don't seem to be in any hurry to take up their responsibility as guardians of the Constitution, so now Congress must step in. You see, members of Congress are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and when they vote in January to confirm (or reject) the vote of the Electoral College, they can't very well do that unless they know for certain that the basic constitutional requirements for office have been met.

An ad running this week in the Washington Times Weekly asks three questions America needs to know: "Was Barack Obama really born in Kenya?" "Is he really a citizen of Indonesia?" And, "Does the Constitution still matter?"

As I wrote about last week, there are many reasons to doubt whether Barack Obama meets the requirements for the office of president. First, there's that pesky tape from Sarah Obama, Barack's grandmother, where she says, "I was in the delivery room in (Mombosa) Kenya when he was born Aug. 4, 1961." Secondly, there's the matter of U.S. law. If only one parent was an American citizen, as in Obama's case, the law at the time of Obama's birth required one parent to have been an American citizen for at least 10 years – five of which had to have happened after the age of 14. Since Obama's mother was only 18 at the time of Obama's birth, he would not qualify as an American citizen if his grandmother is right about him being born abroad.

Thirdly, there's no original birth certificate – just a "certification of live birth" posted on a website experts say is forged and altered. Fourthly, there's the issue of Indonesian citizenship, which is a prerequisite to attending school there. Add to that the fact that Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, is listed as his father on his Indonesian school records. If he had U.S. citizenship, according to Indonesian law, he would have lost it when he attended school there or if he was adopted by his stepfather as his records indicate.

As the ad proclaims, "The Constitution matters" and is still worth defending. All we are asking is that Congress takes their oath to defend it seriously. If Obama can prove he meets the basic but essential constitutional requirements, fine, he'll serve legally. But if he cannot provide simple proof, then he cannot. We're not asking for the world here, just the original birth certificate that each of us delivers when getting a passport, driver's license or Social Security card. If we can't tell the clerk at the post office to check out the digital photo of a certificate posted online, neither should the guy running for president. Members of Congress: If you have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, now's the time to keep it.

But I know the reasons for your hesitancy. I've faced them myself and have come to the conclusion that if one of our founders, Patrick Henry, could proclaim, "Give me liberty or give me death," we can face our fears and stand for the document they penned that outlines our God-given rights to freedom. What if we asked our Founding Fathers, many of whom lost everything in the battle for our nation, if they think the Constitution is still worth defending? They already answered that question with their lives.

But what about the objections?

  1. "Obama won the popular election." So did Al Gore. But George W. Bush is still president. That's because the Electoral College decides – and in this case, it hasn't yet. In fact, the electors can't fulfill their solemn oath to uphold the Constitution unless they know the candidates meet the basic constitutional requirements for office.
  2. "This should have happened long before now." That's true, but the cases filed before Nov. 4 were ignored by the courts, and the answers to these basic questions were never answered. There is still time for those answers since the real election has not yet happened.
  3. "They'll be riots in the streets." This objection is much like the reaction of Kenya to Obama's candidate of choice, Raila Odinga, who incited violence and the burning of hundreds of churches (not a single mosque) when he lost the race. Obama raised a million dollars for this upstanding guy and assigned a Senate staffer to help him. To bring the violence to an end, the Kenyan government put Odinga – the guy who lost the election – in office to keep him from burning more churches. They failed the first rule of the playground: Confront the bully; don't appease him. Threats of violence must be met with fierce resistance, not appeasement.
  4. "I better not be public on this because I'll become a target." News flash: If you believe in life, liberty and the family, you already are a target. The henchmen are selected; the gallows for our freedoms are already being built. And the only candidate in history to never move an inch to the center during the campaign has no intentions of changing his agenda of outlawing our viewpoint with the "unfairness doctrine," "thought crimes," "The Employment Non Discrimination Act" the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and all the rest. As I wrote about in my book, "The Criminalization of Christianity" (which will surely come true if we don't act now), "Never fail to do the right thing for fear that the opposition will attack you in response. The other side can and will attack you anyway, at a time of their own choosing rather than yours, regardless of whether you act."
  5. "We'll just beat him in four years." In four years, we won't be able to recognize what's left of our country. And if you think taking on this issue right now is hard, try doing it when our radio airwaves are shut down and our freedoms are stripped from us, as he has promised to do. And with Obama's promise to pass the so-called Freedom of Choice Act as "the first thing" he does, you can say goodbye to the notion of protecting unborn children again – and goodbye to every law in all 50 states that notifies parents, keeps our tax dollars from footing the abortion bill and prevents even a single partial-birth abortion.
  6. "They'll say I'm a 'racist' and call it 'sour grapes.'" Our Founding Fathers faced death, we face name-calling. Right now our U.S. soldiers are being shot at for the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. If the Constitution isn't worth undergoing some name calling, then the oath taken to defend it means nothing.
  7. "Somebody else will do it." They haven't. And time is running out.
  8. "It's not my responsibility." The lower court in Philadelphia threw out Phil Berg's case (which is now before the U.S. Supreme Court) based not on the merits, but on the issue of "standing," and pointed to the need for Congress to act. If the questions of constitutionality are not met before Congress is called upon to uphold the vote of the Electoral College, they cannot fulfill their oath and duty to uphold and defend the Constitution. If we are willing to ignore the constitutional requirements for the highest office in our land, what else are we willing to forgo? That part about free speech? Freedom of the press? Freedom of religion?
  9. "We deserve what we got." That's true, so did the people of Nineveh who asked, "Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that we may not perish?" If you're unfamiliar with the story recorded in Jonah, God didn't give the Ninevites what they deserved; and even though the judgment was pronounced against them, when they fasted, prayed, sought God and turned from their wicked ways, God had mercy and spared them from judgment.
  10. "It's impossible." With God, all things are possible. Eight years ago the election was called for Al Gore, and he never took office. If God is the same today as He was yesterday, He can still split the sea, raise the dead, stop the sun and reverse the results of the popular vote if the basic requirements of the Constitution are not met in the candidate.
  11. "He's constitutionally qualified." Great. Then it won't be hard to prove it.

The Electoral College votes on Dec. 15 – we now have less than 30 days of freedom left. How will you spend it? Will you "safely" keep quiet about our nation's most important document, or will you step forward to defend it?

There's a replica of William Wallace's sword hanging on my wall. It reminds me of his words captured in the movie "Braveheart":

William Wallace: I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as freemen, and freemen you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?

Man: No … we will run … and we will live.

William Wallace: Aye. Fight and you may die. Run and you'll live – at least a while. And, dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies, that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!

Congress, you were elected for such a time as this. Don't miss your moment in history to defend the Constitution you were sworn to uphold. Not extreme. Not fringe. Just constitutional. A thorough investigation must be conducted to ensure the basic constitutional requirements for the office of president have been met. It is not just your right – it is your duty. And you have less than 30 days to act. You have the freedom right now that you will never have again. You can fight to defend the Constitution of the United States, or you can run. As William Wallace asked, the question is: Will you fight?

  1. Call your representative in Congress at 202-224-3121 and ask them to hold immediate congressional hearings to investigate and ensure the basic constitutional requirements for the office of president have been met.
  2. Fast and pray.
  3. Place the "Three Unanswered Questions" ad in newspapers across the country and post it online everywhere.
  4. Donate to defend the Constitution. We'll place more ads if you'll help: www.f2a.org.
  5. E-mail this to everyone on your list, and call on the media to report this constitutional crisis.

Commentary by Janet Porter, WorldNetDaily, with many thanks.

Supreme Court to Conference Obama's Citizenship: Write Now

Justice Clarence Thomas has placed a discussion of Barack Obama's citizenship on the December 5th docket for conference, meaning a discussion of the merit of this particular case.

A commenter at America's Right, who has been the leading source of excellent information on the various lawsuits, is requesting that we write directly to the Supreme Court:

The Honorable Associate Justice
Clarence Thomas
United States Supreme Court
One First St. N. E.
Washington DC 20543

Put docket # on Envelope 08-A407

Ask him UPHOLD our Constitution with Full Disclosure as the only Constitutionally viable answer.
One commenter said he/she was sending a copy of his letter to each of the nine Justices. Good idea!

Here are some details just in from WorldNetDaily
The Supreme Court's website listed the date for the case brought by Leo C. Donofrio against Nina Wells, the Secretary of State in New Jersey, over not only Obama's name on the 2008 election ballot but those of two others, Sen. John McCain and Roger Calero.

The case, unsuccessful at the state level, had been submitted to Justice David Souter, who rejected it. The case then was resubmitted to Justice Clarence Thomas. The next line on the court's docket says: "DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008."
Jeff Schreiber at America's Right has followed this case closely. His post today reports:

As for New Jersey firebrand and attorney Leo Donofrio, his application for an emergency stay was denied by Justice Souter, Donofrio was able to refile and resubmit it to the Justice of his choosing, and properly did so. Today, the docket for his action shows that after being put before Justice Clarence Thomas, the application will be discussed by the Court in a December 5, 2008 conference.

Normally, during their term, the Supreme Court Justices conference on Wednesday (typically, but not always) and review the various petitions and applications before them, deciding which of the many such proceedings should be heard by the Court. I suspect that we could soon see a similar entry on the docket for Berg's case as well.

Now, this does not mean that the Court has decided to hear either of these matters and, in fact, is fairly typical when it comes to the process. Still, for those hoping to have these cases heard on their merits, for those who feel these issues are more about the United States Constitution than Barack Obama, this is a step in the right direction.

Please visit America's Right and WorldNetDaily for more.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

America's Group Hug About to End

WEB Commentary
Guest Author:  J. D. Longstreet GROEP1[4]
Date:  November 20, 2008

Soon, it will become clear that Americans, well, SOME Americans, are expecting entirely too much of Obama. Too much was promised and too little will be delivered.

As I watch, read, and listen to the MsM report the news of Obama's selection of those people he wants to serve in his administration, it occurred to me that the change he had promised was simply a "change… back" to the Clinton Administration (... or something very much like it!).

Remember how it is when you begin watching a TV show that is a rerun, but you are not aware of it in the opening moments? As the characters begin to flash onto the screen and the plot becomes more and more familiar it slowly dawns on you that you have seen this show before. As I watch Obama gather his merry band together, that is exactly the feeling I get. I have seen this show before. Eight years ago. So… it IS "Change BACK"!

Well, what about HOPE? Ahhh.  One must remember… Bill Clinton was "The Man From HOPE!"

Look, the dems are nothing if they are not persistent. They don't seem to have had a NEW idea in decades. They are still running elections with the same promises and pledges and even the same phraseology in their speeches that FDR used in his. So it should not be surprising that the Obama Administration looks so very much like the Clinton Administration because, for all intents and purposes, it IS the same. All Democratic Party Presidential Administrations are the same.

As soon as Americans stop slapping themselves on the back and congratulating themselves for making history, and overcoming "White Guilt", and ending racism, and all that baloney, it will dawn on them that they have been had… again.

Soon, it will become clear that Americans, well, SOME Americans, are expecting entirely too much of Obama. Too much was promised and too little will be delivered.

Lowering expectations is the order of the day on the democratic side of the aisle. Very serious democrats, in and out of the Mainstream Media, and in and out of the Democratic Party apparatus, are telling us to not expect so much from Obama. Of course, that is exactly the opposite of what they were telling us just a few weeks ago. Way back then they were promising miracles, hinting that Obama could heal the sick, make the lame to walk, the blind to see, the mute to speak, and there was a better than 50/50 chance that Obama could walk all the way across the Potomac… on his bare feet! And yet, today, we are told that we should lower our expectations. This is all a bit much. But this is what you get when the candidate is a blank slate upon which the voters can write their own expectations, their own desires, and, yes, their own fantasies.

That American group hug, we mentioned at the beginning of this article, is slowly breaking apart as Americans begin to look up and cast their eyes in the direction of Obama's "selectees" for his cabinet. There's some anxiety about its reflection of the Clinton Administration. Then, too, the confirmation that among Obama's foreign policy plans is one to lean on Israel to retreat all the way back to it's borders as they were before they were attacked by their Arab neighbors in 1967 and had to fight for their very existence. In the war that ensued, Israel recaptured the old city of Jerusalem thereby reuniting it. Now, apparently, the US is going to insist Israel turn it back over to the people who call themselves Palestinians. This has caused a stir in Israel and there is now some strain between Jews in Israel and those Jews in America who supported the Obama campaign. They are NOT a happy bunch, at the moment. Neither are the Evangelical Christians in America and around the world. But, then, Evangelical Christians did not support Obama... and won't.

And there is more, much, more to come.

Too much is being expected of Obama by the Germans, the Iraqis, the Afghanis, the Georgians, most of eastern Europe, and all of Africa. Here at home, in America, too much is being expected of Obama by the African-Americans, the White Americans, the Spanish-Americans, the Gay Americans, the unborn Americans, the poor Americans, the sick Americans, the old Americans, the young Americans, even those busy breaking into America across our wide open southern border in hopes of change with Obama.

Disappointment comes first. Then comes dissatisfaction. Then comes disaster. After all, Obama is but a man. How he handles these three "D" words will define him for history.

Unlike George Bush, or any Republican President, Obama will have the added luxury of a Mainstream Media to justify his mistakes, his shortcomings, his disgraces, etc, to the nation and the world. After all, he is THEIR man and they will not allow him to fail.

Clear thinking Americans, both republican and democrats, know whom America elected and they are worried. They have reason to worry. America is as vulnerable as it was before World War Two… and every bit as naive. In a country like America, vulnerability and naiveté can bring on disaster. Anything can happen. Like a blind man negotiating a minefield, America must tread softly, and carefully, over the next few years. Inexperienced leadership was not what the country needed, but that is what we have. Americans are now trusting in blind luck to get us through.

J. D. Longstreet

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I know I'm a Racist because...

If Obama was white and got a ticket for drunk driving when he was young and foolish, I'd scream "Alcoholic!"  But, since he's black, and did cocaine... that's cool.

If he was white and launched his political career in the National Guard working for some senator, I'd yell through the roof.  But, since he's black and got his start in the home of a terrorist, Bill Ayers... that's cool.

If he was white and his mentor was his own Dad, I'd find some reason to find fault.  But, since he's black and his childhood "father-figure" was a full-blown communist, Frank Davis... that's cool.

If he was white and there were fraudulent documents attacking his ethics, I'd insist Dan Rather displayed them on the air.  But, since he's black, and the documents revealing a criminal land transaction are authentic... that's cool.

If he was white and attended a Methodist church, I'd be frosting at the mouth about right-wingers.  But since he's black, and practiced a Marist brand of socialism under Jeremiah Wright... that's cool.

If he was white and a governor with executive experience, I'd argued that he wasn't qualified for the job.  But, since he's black with only 143 days in the Senate... that's cool.

If he was white and used his Senate position to secure even one earmark, that would be it; he's gone.  But, since he's black and secured $740 Million in earmarks... that's cool.

If he was white and received even a trifle amount of money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's huge lobbying budgets, I would be yelling bloody murder.  But, since he's black, and is the second highest recipient of these funds... that's cool.

If he was white and if a community organization receiving taxpayers' funds was registering phony voters and overtly campaigning for him, trust me, I'd be shouting no more federal funding.  But, since he's black, and it's Acorn... that's cool.

If he was white and participated in a celebration for Martin Luther King, I'd believe it was for political purposes.  But, since he's black, and participated in the million-man march with Louis Farrakhan... that's cool.

If he was white and showed the utmost respect for our Armed Forces, it would mean nothing.  But, since he's black, and openly stated our military men and women were killing civilians... that's cool.

If he was white and failed to publicly acknowledge mistakes during war time, I'd think he was arrogant.  But, since he's black, and failed to acknowledge he was wrong to vote against the surge... that's cool.

If he was white and pushed for a bail-out during a time of financial crisis, I'd scream socialism.  But, since he's black and intends on spreading the wealth around... that's cool 

If he was white and toasted a man who was once a member of a hate-filled organization against African-Americans fifty-years ago, I'd condemn him.  But, since he's black, and toasted a recent member of a hate-filled Jew-killing terrorist group, Rashid Khalidi... that's cool

Hey, everyone... Get on board here.  You know you're a racist if...  And just be thankful that we're not like those others who actually looked at the quality of character instead of the color of skin.  History was made, and that was far more important than preserving the spirit of the civil rights movement.  Long live Martin Luther King. 


You must read this article.  Obama's plans on instituting "mandatory volunteerism" with every citizen contributing, from middle-school age to retirees.  You get to "choose" to "volunteer" for your Nation, your community or your neighborhood.  Welcome to the Obama-nation.

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"Those who control history control the future." George Orwell 1984

A note from Radarsite: This morning I received the following comment to our previous article about Obama's announcement on his official website.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "And You Thought We Were Exaggerating":

Except for, you know, you totally misquote it. Here is the quote from the website:

Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free.

Notice the total lack of the word require

So I went back and checked Obama's website, and here it is.
America Serves
"When you choose to serve -- whether it's your nation, your community or simply your neighborhood -- you are connected to that fundamental American ideal that we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not just for ourselves, but for all Americans. That's why it's called the American dream."

The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start.

The following paragraph has just disappeared.
Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year.

It has now been replaced by this one.
Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free.

Screenshot courtesy of Susan Duclos at Wake Up America

Take note my friends, because this is just a sample of what we are going to be dealing with in our turbulent future. The highlighted text that was the subject of our previous article is just gone. Gone. Gone without explanation or acknowledgement. Furthermore one of their minions writes in a comment telling us that it was never there in the first place, that I misquoted it. Is it really going to be this easy to manipulate the truth, to manipulate us? Evidently they think so.

We can not, we must not accept this totalitarian manipulation of the truth. We must fight back against each and every one of these outrageous attacks on our freedoms. We warned you and you ignored us, and now it is here. - rg

Another update: Read this new comment. Now they are accusing me of altering the original document. Take your pick readers. Is Radarsite lying? Or are the Obamaites lying? There is no middle ground here.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "And
You Thought We Were Exaggerating

If you are going to alter what you copied, it's not a good idea to link to it. Per the source:

Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free.

Unjustified fear is one thing, altering meaning to feed fear erodes your credibility and left me wondering if you lack morals and ethics.

[Update-Susan Duclos] The original wording was caught as a screenshot by hillaryclinton forum, bless their hearts and I am adding it here for those claiming the word require was never there.

(Click to enlarge to read)

A note to my readers: Normally I would delete comments such as these below (above). Today however I want them to stay up. They are calling me -- and all of you who have written about this so far -- liars. Despite the facts of the screenshots. This is how far they are prepared to go. Are you prepared for the great fight ahead?

Friday, November 7, 2008

America, America, what have you done?

From our friend, Roger W. Gardner, at Radarsite...

A confederation of dunces and traitors has delivered us unto our enemies.  They have dealt this great nation of ours a deadly blow from which we may never recover, and they rejoice over the enormity of the wound. 
(It's a jubilation on a ship of fools.) 
Already the voices of reconciliation and compromise are being raised.  We must all come together now so that we can move forward, they say.  But move forward to what?  To where?
What unforeseen furies have you unwittingly unleashed?  What cherished American principles and traditions have you willfully abandoned for this nebulous promise of change offered by this charismatic but shadowy charlatan?  In one sweeping gesture you have managed to undermine the glorious uniquely American meritocracy and have validated the role of victimization.  In one vote you have rewarded our enemies and marginalized our patriots.
To even begin to comprehend the damage you have done just consider for a moment who is pleased by the results of this election:

Abu Yahya al-Libi,
Al Qaeda's chief theological enforcer and a top recruiter.

                              Moamar Kadafi



A new kind of patriot;  They love New York even more...without the World Trade Centers





                                                      Hugo Chavez




  Louis Farrakhan
  and the Nation of Islam





                                        Jane Fonda




Mahmoud Ahmadinejad





Rev. "God Damn America" Wright




Kim Jong Ill





                  Empowered uniformed youth



Empowered Kenyan relatives and heirs

The list of course could go on and on.

Note: Hieronymus Bosch’s Ship of Fools [shown above] (1450 – 1516). Although it is all but invisible in this small reproduction, there is a Muslim crescent painted on the Ship of Fools' banner. -rg

Cross posted from Maggie's Notebook, with many thanks.  Jubilation on the Ship of Fools

It is I think fitting that the first gloating leftist response Radarsite received this morning was from the infamous but woefully inconsequential Raoul, who again quite fittingly, is neither male nor American. Normally Raoul would be automatically deleted, but not today. Today I want her message to be read by all those who may still have doubts about the despicable nature of our enemies. As you can see it is addressed to both me and to my good friend and colleague Snooper personally. She believes, quite rightly, that we are her most determined enemies.

I'm sending this via email because it's obvious that most of you conduct your love chats here instead of out in the open where the light shines. The election is over (thank God!) and our citizens have spoken in volumes by the way they voted. Your time is now over - after 28 years or more if we count the destruction Reagan did to our middle class.

The god with a small 'g' that you pretend to follow doesn't exist. The real God never had any interest in politics or countries or bestowing special blessings to any one country as most of you, especially Roger, believe. John 3:16 begins by saying 'for God so loved the WORLD'. That's the entire world and not just the white anglo saxon part of it in America.

You people are an embodiment of pure evil. I know this probably shocks you just like the Nazis were surprised at the hatred expressed towards their deeds but I can't say it any other way. God, country, and flag have always been the ingredients of despots living in fear and hate. You feed off of hate. You require hate in order to justify your own pitiful lives. Your blogs speak for themselves along with everything you've written concerning President-Elect Obama, Muslims, victims of our torture techniques, the illegal invasion of Iraq, victims of the Katrina flood, et. al.

I grew up around evil so I believe I can speak on a little bit of authority regarding how true evil works. It hides behind religiousity, patriotism, individualism without any social programs, hatred of anyone who is different, and a host of other facades. Evil will always have a crusade or burning issue to raise in order to hide from reality and the real issues that face mankind. You people fit the definition of 'evil' perfectly.

Well, your time is over so I think it's only proper for you to slink back into your caves or wherever else you dwell. Rational Americans like me do, however, owe you a debt of thanks. You've taught us a very valuable lesson. The lesson is that right wing religionists will NEVER take over this country again! You've been exposed for what you really represent - a parasitic host. To put it more bluntly, you're a boil on the ass of history. And, the American electorate has lanced that boil!
I can now say unabashedly, God bless America! This country will NEVER be the same again and I say thank God! Now that the racial divide has been breached with Barack Obama's election, some day the gender divide or perhaps the sexual orientation divide or any other man made divide will finally be eliminated.

One last thing - concerning your blogs. I think it would be a good idea if you closed your blogs down since you'll have nothing to write about any more. If you decide to keep them active I have to tell you that I, and others, will be monitoring your blogs. Any threats or seditious comments will be turned over to the proper authorities. This shouldn't surprise you because you ought to know by now that when Mark Harvey threatened to 'slit the throat' of any war protestor he met in Washington during his trip there, I turned the comments along with the blog site over to the FBI who checked it out.

But, it's up to you. This will be my last direct comment to you. I have to admit that every time I've ever encountered anything you've written I've gotten the urge to take a scalding shower. You are the most vile group of people I've ever known. I think that deep down inside you 're aware of this sad fact. We, on the Left, have been vindicated. America will finally heed the real teachings of Christ who said we should feed the hungry and take care of the poor.
graciously yours,
But then the very next email I received was this one from Anonymous:
Today is a SAD SAD day. Birth of America: July 4, 1776....Death of America: November 4, 2008. Roger and to all his contributors and readers. I'm sure we're all sitting in disbelief, shock and concerned. Knowing none of use would imagine this day coming true. All our intentions were sincere and true, due to the fact that we believe in America and love her even more so.

This writer likes to see it as a huge draw back and we lost a battle. And sure many more battles will be lost. As we see the president elect make some awful decisions for our great nation. But, in the end, I sincerely believe we will win the war. There is no way Obama or a democrat will gain the seat of the presidency in 2012. Too many mistakes will be made between now and then. Mistakes I hope our country will be able to endure, is the big question. Later on down the road. People will realize that making Obama the president was a huge mistake. Just hope this error of judgement doesn't cost us too much.

Obama's acceptance speech he began to tone done his rhetoric in what he was going to attempt to accomplish while being the president. Since, Obama is aware that he can't possibly achieve these objectives within the first year, known the less the first 100 days of his office. The good behind this is people have short memories. And will begin to wonder why Obama isn't doing what he said he would do. And that this supposed "change" isn't coming or not for the enbetterment of the American people. And this my friends will be the beginning of the end for Obama and the democrats. When the next elections come along people will look to different candidates.

McCain, I believe could've won this election. If he just used the ammunition available to him. McCain should have reneged on receiving campaign funds from the public only...just like Obama did at the beginning of his campaign. So the playing field (of donations/money) would have been level. As well as, McCain should have discussed many topics he considered off the list. Or his advisers informed him not to use certain things.
I guess it's a should, could, would situation presented here.

Nonetheless, there are times in an individuals life and a countries history that we must take a few steps backwards. In order to take huge leaps forward in the not too distant future. And that is what we're going to contend with hopeful. Best of luck to everyone. And I say we continue to monitor Obama's Administration and get the word out to people in what he's doing. We can never start too early for 2012.

Roger, thank you so much for informing the public. All I can say is you did a outstanding job. And it's a pleasure and honor to know your a true American. Who actually cares what's happening to America. We will all learn from this and wait patiently to fix this very wrong that occurred. God bless you Roger and everyone else. We will have our work cut out for ourselves over the next four years. As for me, I am not giving up and never will. I will just have to be patient and wait this horrific ordeal out.

So there you have it. The cons and the pros. But there is one last message I received this morning, perhaps the most surprising and heartening message of them all. This morning, November 5, 2008, the first morning of the Obama victory, the Chicago Sun Times decided to publish one of Radarsite's most recent anti-Obama articles, The Embarrassment of Victory, the 50th Radarsite article published there since we were officially launched in December 2007. This from the very heart of the beast, his own hometown, that delirious town which has not yet recovered from last night's wild victory celebrations. So it seems we still have an audience.

So I'm sorry Raoul, but we're not closing shop at Radarsite. And once again you will be happily and automatically deleted. Far from retreating, we have just begun to fight. - rg

Cross posted from Maggie's Notebook, with many thanks.  Jubilation on the Ship of Fools

Friday, October 31, 2008

1 More B4 11 04

Hey... Listen up. This guy is right.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How Many Ways Will Obama Tax You?

Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table at which he's fed.
Tax his tractor,
Tax his mule,
Teach him taxes are the rule.
Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat,
Tax his ties,
Tax his shirt,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt,
Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he tries to think.
Tax his cigars,
Tax his beers, if he cries, then
Tax his tears.
Tax his car,
Tax his gas,
Find other ways to tax his ass.
Tax all he has then let him know
That you won't be done
Till he has no dough.
When he screams and hollers,
Then tax him some more,
Tax him until He's good and sore.
Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in which he's laid.
Put these words upon his tomb,
Taxes drove me to my doom...
When he's gone,
Do not relax,
Its time to apply
The inheritance tax.

All these taxes are passed on to YOU under Obama's "I'm not taxing 95% of Americans" tax plan.  Just to name a few...

Accounts receivable Tax, Building Permit Tax, CDL license Tax, Cigarette Tax, Corporate Income Tax Dog License Tax, Federal Income Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA), Fishing License Tax, Food License Tax, Fuel permit tax, Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon, CA's more), Hunting License Tax, Inheritance Tax, Interest expense, Inventory tax, IRS Interest Charges, IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax), Liquor Tax, Luxury Taxes, Marriage License Tax, Medicare Tax, Personal Property Tax, Real Estate Tax, Service charge taxes, Road usage taxes, Sales Tax, Recreational Vehicle Tax, School Tax, State Income Tax State Unemployment Tax (SUTA), Telephone federal excise tax, Telephone federal universal service fee tax, Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes, Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax, Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax, Telephone state and local tax, Telephone usage charge tax, Utility Taxes, Vehicle License Registration Tax, Vehicle Sales Tax, Watercraft registration Tax, Well Permit Tax, Workers Compensation Tax...

Go ahead, ask him about his hidden tax plan for YOU.  I dare you.  And, oh yeah... Be sure to "press 1" for English.

America Loses if Obama Wins.

tortWhy bother to go trick or treating again? 

It's just a cartoon, depicting the reality of the Obama tax plan. 

Now, ask yourselves, why would any company, corporation, employer or producer want to continue doing the work when others reap the benefits of their labor? 

Two answers:

(1) Those companies that stay in the United States will simply pass the cost of the added tax onto us, until we can no longer afford it.  Then they'll leave.

(2) They won't stay in the United States.  It's simple logic.  There's more profit in less tax and cheap labor elsewhere in the world.  Ireland for one.

Either way, America loses if Obama wins.

Berg v. Obama dismissed - Berg appealing to U. S. Supreme Court

Under the provisions of the United States Constitution, Article II, Section I, Obama is "NOT" qualified to be President, but Judge says that "we the people" do not have standing to insist that he (Obama) comply with our Constitution.  Though, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish this Constitution for the United States of America," we apparently have no right to enforce it.  Cute.

The following is cross posted from Obama Crimes. 

(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 10/25/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire,

the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that he is immediately appealing the dismissal of his case to the United States Supreme Court. The case is Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083.

Berg said, "I am totally disappointed by Judge Surrick's decision and, for all citizens of the United States, I am immediately appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is a question of who has standing to uphold our Constitution. If I don't have standing, if you don't have standing, if your neighbor doesn't have standing to question the eligibility of an individual to be President of the United States - the Commander-in-Chief, the most powerful person in the world - then who does?

So, anyone can just claim to be eligible for congress or the presidency without having their legal status, age or citizenship questioned.

According to Judge Surrick, we the people have no right to police the eligibility requirements under the U.S. Constitution.

What happened to ‘...Government of the people, by the people, for the people,...’ Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address 1863.

We must legally prevent Obama, the unqualified candidate, from taking the Office of the Presidency of the United States,” Berg said.
Our website obamacrimes.com now has 71.8 + million hits. We are urging all to spread the word of our website – and forward to your local newspapers and radio and TV stations.

Berg again stressed his position regarding the urgency of this case as, “we” the people, are heading to a “Constitutional Crisis” if this case is not resolved forthwith.

For copies of all Court Pleadings, go to obamacrimes.com

Joe Biden WFTV Interview

I don't know 'bout you, but Channel Nine in Orlando, Florida, just earned themselves a whole group of new viewers.  I like this Barbara West of WFTV; she's not only smart, but tough. 

Great going, Barbara!!!  You asked important questions, the kind that all Americans need to know before voting.  Stand your ground, because when you do, you save a little piece of America.   

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Campaign Threatens With Secret Service

Folks, you probably won't believe this one.  I've provided a link to the original newspaper article at the bottom of this post so you'll know it's true. 

Cross posted from WorldNetDaily, by Roger Hedgecock

They came for Jessica, and I will not be silent

After World War II, trying to explain how good Germans allowed the monstrous evil of the Nazi regime, a pastor recalled that the Nazis came for the communists, and he did nothing; then for the trade unionists, then for the gypsies and Jews; then for the Catholics – and each time he did nothing. When they came for him, none were left to defend him.

Last week, here in America, they came for Jessica Hughes, and I will not be silent. I will not turn away, hoping, in the end, they will not come for me.

Jessica Hughes of Lufkin, Texas, former Marine, mother of three, answered her cell phone in the car, coming home from the emergency room. Her 9-year-old had suffered a mild concussion, but was OK.

The caller was a female Obama volunteer who asked if Jessica would support Obama for president.

Jessica replied, "No, I don't support him. Your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the state Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets; I think you should find something better to do with your time." Then Jessica hung up.

The next day, a man and a woman in suits showed up at the door of her home, identifying themselves as members of the Secret Service.

The Secret Service agents stated that the Obama campaign had complained of a death threat. They had quoted Jessica as saying, "I will never support Obama, and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor."

Jessica's husband had heard Jessica's side of the original phone call and verified the actual quote. To which the female agent replied, "Oh? Well why would she (the Obama volunteer) make that up?"

Jessica replied that the Obama volunteer was probably unhappy about what Jessica had said about her candidate. The female agent then said "That's right, you were rude!"

The male agent then displayed a file with Jessica's full name prominently printed on it and asked her how she felt about Obama. At this point, the former Marine told the agent "in no uncertain terms" (as she later recounted) that this was America and that the last time she checked, she was allowed to think whatever she wanted without being questioned by the Secret Service. And was being "rude" a federal crime now too?

The agents then admitted they had no tape of the conversation, just the quote from the Obama campaign.

Responding to Jessica's questions, the agents would not identify themselves by name, nor reveal the name of the Obama volunteer who had made the complaint. The agents did indicate that Jessica was not in a court of law yet, and that they were trying to not embarrass her "by going to all her family and neighbors."

To these implied threats, Jessica invited the agents to speak to whomever they wanted, and stated she would happily go to court since she had done nothing wrong.

Jessica asked the agents, "Look, someone calls me unsolicited on my cell phone to ask me to support their candidate, and I can't tell them why I don't?"

The Secret Service left Jessica that day, but she could not get the "visit" out of her mind.

Jessica wrote later, "The fact that the volunteer lied, the fact that the Secret Service came to my house to question me about my thoughts and feelings and threaten to embarrass me to my neighbors and go to court if I didn't cooperate is not the tragedy here.

"Because that girl on the phone doesn't have the pull to send the Secret Service to my home. Someone high in the ranks of a campaign working for a man who may be the next President of the United States of America felt comfortable bringing the force of the Federal Government to bear on a private citizen on nothing but the word of a partisan volunteer."

Taken together with the intimidation campaign against WGN Radio because it aired an interview about the Obama-Ayers connection, the use of local criminal prosecutors to intimidate TV stations in certain states to not run ads critical of Obama, and the use of race to rally black voters and shame white voters, the Obama campaign's M.O. in Jessica's case is a warning.

The pattern is unmistakable. The drumbeat of jackboots echoes now faintly, but persistently, in the fall breeze.

They came for Jessica, and I will not be silent.

Here is the original article in the The Lufkin Daily News

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hijacked Iranian Ship: Dirty Bomb meant for Israel on Yom Kippur?

Follow up on an original posting by Snooper of Take Our Country Back
Cross posted from Director Blue, and posts by RadarSite on Maggies Notebook

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shirat Devorah researched the various articles surrounding the recent Somali hijacking of an Iranian vessel and came to an ominous conclusion.

On August 21st, 2008, the MV Iran Deyant, 44,458 dead weight bulk carrier was heading towards the Suez Canal. As it was passing the Horn of Africa, about 80 miles southeast of al-Makalla in Yemen, the ship was surrounded by speedboats filled with members of a gang of Somalian pirates who grab suitable commercial ships and hold them and their cargos and crews for ransom. The captain was defenseless against the 40 pirates armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades blocking his passage. He had little choice other than to turn his ship over to them. What the pirates were not banking on, however, was that this was no ordinary ship.

The MV Iran Deyanat is owned and operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) - a state-owned company [that] regularly falsifies shipping documents in order to hide the identity of end users, uses generic terms to describe shipments to avoid the attention of shipping authorities, and employs the use of cover entities to circumvent [UN] weapons proliferation [regulations].

[The hijacked ship] was brought to Eyl, a sleepy fishing village in northeastern Somalia, and was secured by a larger gang of pirates - 50 onboard and 50 onshore. The Somali pirates attempted to inspect the ship's seven cargo containers but the containers were locked. The crew claimed that they did not have the "access codes" and could not open them. Pirates have stated they were unable to open the hold without causing extensive damage to the ship, and threatened to blow it up.... the pirates broke open one of the containers and discovered it to be filled with packets of what they said was “a powdery fine sandy soil” ....

Within a period of three days, those pirates who had boarded the ship and opened the cargo container with its gritty sand-like contents, all developed strange health complications, to include serious skin burns and loss of hair. And within two weeks, sixteen of the pirates subsequently died, either on the ship or on shore...

...At this writing, the MV Iran Deyanat is at anchor, watched closely by American, French and Russian naval units.

[Russian sources claim she] was an enormous floating dirty bomb, intended to detonate after exiting the Suez Canal at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and in proximity to the coastal cities of Israel. The entire cargo of radioactive sand, obtained by Iran from China (the latter buys desperately needed oil from the former) and sealed in containers which, when the charges on the ship are set off after the crew took to the boats, will be blasted high into the air where prevailing winds will push the highly dangerous and radioactive cloud ashore.

Given the large number of deaths from the questing Somali pirates, it should be obvious that when the contents of the ship’s locked cargo containers finally descended onto the land, the death toll would be enormous. This ship was nothing more nor less than the long-anticipated Iranian attack on Israel.

Fox News interviewed an expert whose analysis would seem to confirm these conclusions:

Chemical experts say the reports sound inconsistent with chemical poisoning, but may reflect the effects of exposure to radiation.

"It's baffling," said Jonathan Tucker, a senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. "I'm not aware of any chemical agent that produces loss of hair within a few days. That's more suggestive of high levels of radioactive waste."

A note from Radarsite: Is this thwarted operation the world's first major dirty bomb attack? If these facts check out -- and so far they seem fairly well substantiated -- this could be the biggest story of the year. If this was in fact a thwarted dirty bomb attack by Iran on Israel, then this is nothing less than an overt act of war. What will Israel's response to this be? What should it be? And how ironic that it should be thwarted by Somali pirates, who are now apparently its only victims.

We will be following these events very closely in these next few days. If anyone has any additional information on this whole affair please forward it to Radarsite and I will post it immediately. - rg

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Hillary Lost The Nomination

We Will Not Be Silenced - Part 1  A new documentary by moderate Democrats reveals for the first time the extent to which American citizens have been disenfranchised by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. This should dispel doubts about how the Democratic nomination was stolen. 

The above video was a short introduction to the documentary. The Hill Buzz has written about the new documentary, “We Will Not Be Silenced,” by screenwriter and director Gigi Gaston. It focuses on the “caucus fraud deliberately orchestrated by the Obama campaign during the primaries. Voter intimidation, registration fraud, vandalism, threats of violence, you name it, Obama’s supporters did it.”

Over 2000 complaints in Texas alone reveal a corrupted caucus system that literally stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton. The targeting of local Democratic parties by grassroots leftist activists using smear campaigns to take over local parties in many states started in 2006. Some Democrats believe that these tactics followed the plans laid out by Democracy for America started by Howard Dean.

There are numerous stories of the infiltration by far-left outsiders, often calling themselves “Active Democrats,” who were moved into different localities all over the U.S. during the last two years with the intent to take over local party leadership by any means necessary. Complaints taken to the state level were ignored due to the fact that nobody wanted to rock the boat so close to the primaries. Enraged moderate Democrats, silenced and ignored by their own party, turned to conservative publications to get the word out. In Nov. 2006 I wrote about The Active Democrats Revolution, based upon the stories brought to me by one lifelong Democrat and former Texas county Democratic party chair. (See Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs)

According to new information I received, the goal was to replace moderate county chairs with someone within the left wing, and it began with maligning and accusing party chairs of being “Republicans,” and then continued with unrelenting personal attacks. On Primary caucus night in several Texas counties out-of-towners invaded polling precincts to “help” with the sign-in and selection of Obama delegates. However, only voters who live in the voting precinct are allowed to participate in the caucus. Labor party members hijacked local Democratic Party meetings. Corruption during the primary caucuses did happen in just about every Texas county. There were threats, intimidation, lies, stolen documents, lost documents, falsified documents, etc.

The creators of "We Will Not Be Silenced" are clearly Hillary supporters, but the stories told in the preview of the documentary are very similar to stories I have been attempting to document since 2006.

This documentary is about the disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. We the People have made this film. Democrats have sent in their stories from all parts of America. We want to be heard and let the country know how our party has sanctioned the actions of what we feel are Obama Campaign "Chicago Machine" dirty politics. We believe this infamous campaign of "change" from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote, which is, of course, all documented in "We Will Not Be Silenced."

The documentary is gathering further testimonials and cooperating with law enforcement in an investigation into the Obama campaign’s effort to undermine the general election. The RICO investigation of the Obama campaign and of ACORN is already underway. Hill Buzz claims that a pattern of behavior in the primaries clearly reveals a “national conspiracy, rooted in Chicago, to hijack this election and defraud the will of the people.”
There is a lot of activity in Chicago right now, with a lot of IRS agents looking into the finances coming in and out of this city, and across state lines (this was established on Monday when the GOP issued emergency press releases that much of Obama’s campaign contributions could very well be illegal foreign contributions - what appears to be deliberately poor record keeping designed to hide the true identities and monetary sources of online donors is at issue here).

If you are still not convinced that there’s real fire here, please read some of the Caucus Injustices documents and links that have been gathered at the “We Will Not Be Silenced” web site.
To learn more about how the radical left has undermined the Democratic Party on the local level read the following articles I published between 2006 and 2007:
The Active Democrats Revolution , Obama Campaign Abusive to Blue Dogs, Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs, and Democratic Left Cloaked in Religion and Patriotism.

Hats off to Barbara Sowell at Digital Journal for a well-written and excellent article and quite an informative read.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Proof: Obama is a Socialist

In 1995, Obama, as part of his first run for the Illinois State Senate, began seeking the endorsement of the New Party.  The New Party's objective was to push forth the socialist principles of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), that claimed Obama as a member, by focusing on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist movement upwards. 

Obama had been running in a four-way primary against his former boss, Senator Alice Palmer, an executive board member of the U.S. Peace Council, which the FBI identified as a communist front group, and an affiliate of the World Peace Council, a Soviet front group.  The New Party required candidates who received the endorsement sign a pledge of support for the party.  Obama signed that pledge, choosing to support a party that was, in effect, a front group for communists. 

The July issue of the New Ground noted that 15% of the New Party consisted of DSA members and a good number of members of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a democratic socialist group in the United States which originated in 1991 as the Committees of Correspondence, a moderate, dissenting wing of the Communist Party USA.

When allegations surfaced early this summer of the New Party's endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign along with the remnants of the New Party and Democratic Socialists of America claimed that Obama was never a member of either organization.  The DSA and New Party then systematically attempted to cover up any ties between Obama and the Socialist Organizations. However, it now appears that Barack Obama was indeed a certified and acknowledged member of the DSA's New Party.

On Tuesday, John Hinderaker of the PowerLine blog discovered a web page that had been scrubbed from the New Party's website.  The web page which was published in October 1996, was an Internet newsletter update on that years congressional races.  Although the web page was deleted from the New Party's website, the non-profit Internet Archive Organization had archived the page.
Here it is:

So the New Party claimed Obama as a member as of 1996.  Progressive Populist magazine agreed in this editorial:

New Party members and supported candidates won 16 of 23 races, including an at-large race for the Little Rock, Ark., City Council, a seat on the county board for Little Rock and the school board for Prince George's County, Md. Chicago is sending the first New Party member to Congress, as Danny Davis, who ran as a Democrat, won an overwhelming 85% victory. New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago.

Barack Obama chose to affiliate himself with this band of quasi-communists.  As the nation moves closer to the election, it is clear that Obama chose to affiliate with assorted anti-American radicals.  Machiavelli once noted that we can know a leader by the people he surrounds himself with.  What does it say about Barack Obama, that he chooses to surround himself with people committed to overthrowing the United States and capitalism?

Hats Off to the Obama Files, latest news section, article entitled: "Beyond a reasonable doubt --  Obama is a socialist -- at best!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain's Ad Removed From YouTube

Youtube removed John McCain's most recent ad demonstrating the connection between Acorn and Obama.  YouTube promptly blamed FOX for its removal.  However, here is the script and the facts supporting it.  Hopefully, the ad will return.

AD FACTS: Script For “ACORN” (WEB :90)

JOHN MCCAIN: I’m John McCain and I approve this message.

ANNCR: Who is Barack Obama? A man with “a political baptism performed at warp speed.” Vast ambition.

· Barack Obama Has Had “A Political Baptism Performed At Warp Speed.” “Obama declined to be interviewed for this article, but conversations with more than a dozen friends and colleagues portray his time in Springfield as a political baptism performed at warp speed, engineered by Obama’s vast self-confidence and ambition.” (Eli Saslow, “From Outsider To Politician,” The Washington Post, 10/9/08)

ANNCR: After college, he moved to Chicago. Became a community organizer. There, Obama met Madeleine Talbot, part of the Chicago branch of ACORN. He was so impressive that he was asked to train the ACORN staff.

· Barack Obama Was Invited By Madeleine Talbot To Help Train Her Staff At ACORN. “Several community organizers and Altgeld Gardens tenants confirmed Johnson was working on asbestos but said Obama organized residents to act. ‘He got people to vote with their feet’ on the issue, organizer Madeleine Talbot said. At the time, Talbot worked at the social action group ACORN and initially considered Obama a competitor. But she became so impressed with his work that she invited him to help train her staff.” (Letta Tayler And Keith Herbert, “Chicago’s Streets Obama’s Teacher,” Newsday, 3/2/08)

· In 1992, Barack Obama Was Hired By ACORN To Run A Voter Registration Effort. “Indeed, Mr. Obama has extensive connections with the granddaddy of activist groups, Acorn (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which has gotten millions in government grants for its low-income housing programs. In 1992, Acorn hired Mr. Obama to run a voter registration effort. He later became a trainer for the group, as well as its lawyer in election law cases. Acorn’s political arm has endorsed Mr. Obama while its ‘voter education’ arm has pledged to spend $35 million to register people this fall — despite a history of vote fraud scandals that have led to guilty pleas by many Acorn employees.” (John Fund, “Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/12/08)

ANNCR: What did ACORN in Chicago engage in? Bullying banks. Intimidation tactics. Disruption of business. ACORN forced banks to issue risky home loans. The same types of loans that caused the financial crisis we’re in today.

· ACORN Led Protests At Banks To Force Them To Issue Risky Home Loans. “Various ACORN chapters across the country, led by folks like Chicago’s Madeline Talbott, staged in-your-face protests in bank lobbies and filed complaints meant to hold up mergers sought by targeted banking firms. Talbott & Co. generally wanted them to ease down-payment requirements and ignore weak credit histories. And their intimidating tactics often necessitated police action, as at a ‘97 protest at Pulaski Bank & Trust in Arkansas, where activists blocked drive-through lanes.” (Editorial, “The Meltdown’s Acorn,” New York Post, 9/29/08)

· ACORN Forced Banks To Issue Shaky Loans By Pressuring The Banks. “ACORN recognized very early the opportunity presented by the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977. As Stanley Kurtz has reported, ACORN proudly touted ‘affirmative action’ lending and pressured banks to make subprime loans. Madeline Talbott, a Chicago ACORN leader, boasted of ‘dragging banks kicking and screaming’ into dubious loans. And, as Sol Stern reported in City Journal, ACORN also found a remunerative niche as an ‘advisor’ to banks seeking regulatory approval.” (Mona Charen, “Guilty Party: ACORN, Obama, and the mortgage mess,” National Review Online, 9/30/08)

ANNCR: No wonder Obama’s campaign is trying to distance him from the group, saying, “Barack Obama Never Organized with ACORN.”

· The Obama Campaign: “Barack Obama Never Organized With ACORN” (Barack Obama For President Website, http://fightthesmears.com/articles/20/acornrumor, Accessed 10/4/08)

ANNCR: But Obama’s ties to ACORN run long and deep. He taught classes for ACORN.

· Obama Directed Project Vote And Later Taught Classes For “Future Leaders Identified By ACORN And The Centers For New Horizons.” “He [Obama] says he is drawn to politics, despite its superficialities, as a means to advance his real passion and calling: community organization. … In 1992 Obama took time off to direct Project Vote, the most successful grass-roots voter-registration campaign in recent city history. Credited with helping elect Carol Moseley-Braun to the U.S. Senate, the registration drive, aimed primarily at African-Americans, added an estimated 125,000 voters to the voter rolls–even more than were registered during Harold Washington’s mayoral campaigns. ‘It’s a power thing,’ said the brochures and radio commercials. … Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons on the south side.” (Hank De Zutter, Op-Ed, “What Makes Obama Run?” Chicago Reader, 12/8/95)

ANNCR: They even endorsed him for President.

· ACORN’s Political Action Committee Endorsed Obama. “[A]CORN’s political action committee endorsed Barack Obama for President. … The endorsement reflects a belief that Obama — who worked as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago — understands that change must come from the ground-up, as part of a working coalition, rather than from position papers.” (Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Op-Ed, “ACORN: Obama Gets It,” The Nation, 2/23/08)

ANNCR: But now ACORN is in trouble. REPORTER: There are at least 11 investigations across the country involving thousands of potentially fraudulent ACORN forms. ANNCR: Massive voter fraud.

· FOX News’ Eric Shawn: “But There Are At Least 11 Investigations Across The Country Involving Thousands Of Potentially Fraudulent ACORN Forms.” (FOX News’ “Special Report,” 10/8/08)

ANNCR: And the Obama campaign paid more than $800,000 to an ACORN front for get out the vote efforts. Pressuring banks to issue risky loans. Nationwide voter fraud. Barack Obama. Bad judgment. Blind ambition. Too risky for America.

· Obama’s Campaign “Paid More Than $800,000″ To ACORN For Get-Out-The Vote Efforts; The Campaign Originally “Misrepresented” The Group’s Work To The FEC. “U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to an offshoot of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for services the Democrat’s campaign says it mistakenly misrepresented in federal reports. An Obama spokesman said Federal Election Commission reports would be amended to show Citizens Services Inc. — a subsidiary of ACORN — worked in ‘get-out-the-vote’ projects, instead of activities such as polling, advance work and staging major events as stated in FEC finance reports filed during the primary.” (David M. Brown, “Obama To Amend Report On $800,000 In Spending,” Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 8/22/08)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

545 People

By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and  then campaign against them.

Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against
inflation and high taxes, we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget.  The president does. 

You and I don't have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations.  The House of Representatives does.

You and I don't write the tax code, Congress does.

You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does.

You and I don't control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices, 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that  problem was created by the Congress.  In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority.  They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a president to do one cotton-picking thing. I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash.  The politician has the power to accept or reject it.  No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator's responsibility to determine how he votes.

Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault.  They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall.  No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits.  The president can only propose a budget.  He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes.  Who is the speaker of the House?
She is the leader of the majority party.  She and fellow House members, not the president, can approve any budget they want.  If the president vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to.

It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million can not replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility.  I can't think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.  When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair.

If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red.

If the Marines (Armed Forces in general) are in IRAQ , it's because they want them in IRAQ .

If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it's because they want it that way.

There are no insoluble government problems. 

Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and  whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.   Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like 'the economy,' 'inflation,' or 'politics' that prevent them
from doing what they take an oath to do.

Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

They, and they alone, have the power.

They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses  provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees.

We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!


Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.  While I agree with most of what is written, I differ strongly on the notion that voting all politicians out of office is going to clean up the mess.  That will only worsen the situation. 

This is not the time to abandon careful reasoning and thought with a knee-jerk reaction, else we would be just as culpable for the affairs of our government as they are.  We must sift through their records; keep the level-headed and educated, and vote out the drones. 

If the American people can't care enough about their Country to be bothered with taking the time to check out the facts themselves to find out who's who, then they deserve what is reaped by such apathy.  Come to think of it, maybe that's been the whole problem all along. 

Voting them in or out is not the answer.  Voting for quality is.

Loyal Eagle

What you do with this article now that you have read it is up to you, though you appear to have several choices:

1. You can send this to everyone in your address book, and hope they do something about it.

2. You can agree to vote against everyone that is currently in
office, knowing that the process will  take several years and will more than likely damage our Country further.

3. You can do your own research through sites such as Congress.org and examine the record of individuals before you vote, thereby voting for quality instead of throwing a dart.

4. You can decide to run for office yourself and agree to do the job properly.

5. Lastly, you can sit back and do nothing, or re-elect the current bunch.