Thursday, July 17, 2008

ABC Spreads Obama Rumors

The recent show of moral indignation by the main stream media over "rumors" about their chosen candidate is kind of like peeing in a toilet as opposed to a pool.

In this, my first real piece on daily insults to our intelligence, I give you ABC, and ask you, What do you get reading today's article on their blog besides an upset stomach?  In "Hearing-Gate Exposed!" we learn that Obama's committee hearing record attendance on Capitol Hill is better than McCain's with respect to oversight hearings on Afghanistan.  That's what it says!  "McCain missed them all," while Obama attended a "full" hearing.

How many of you know it's a "designer piece" -- in other words, false; that ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf went to great lengths to rearrange facts for the deliberate purpose of creating the appearance of accuracy?  Now, that's talent.  It only took 649 words to reconstruct bull from actual data.  He's definitely earned the "Bird Award."  Amazing!

The facts are, with respect to the specific committees mentioned in the ABC article and from which Z. Byron Wolf acquired the information:  John McCain missed 691 of 4057 votes (17%) since Feb 4, 1993, while Barack Obama missed 268 of 1240 votes (22%) since Jan 6, 2005

That's 17% in FIFTEEN years for McCain, and 22% in THREE years for Obama.  (Sigh) If only we Americans could read, write AND do math...  Oh, wait!  Yes, we can!

So, to ABC, I give you...

The Bird