Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open Letter to Maggie

Many thanks Maggie for cross-posting.  I know I'm the new kid on the block here, especially with respect to Paul Ray - LionHeart.  Many of you have indeed been banging that drum, sounding the alarm long before I stumbled into your neighborhood.  (And, I’m so glad I did find you all -- I was ecstatic to learn I’m not completely insane (grin).)

When I read LionHeart’s story and started looking into it, I was more than appalled, more than angry, more than disgusted.  I actually came face to face with the reality that the old saying “It can’t happen here” is totally erroneous.  It can and it is.  A “reality check” like that shocks the hell out of you. 

I oppose inciting hatred, but as the video made clear, authorities are only regulating who’s doing it.  As blogging sites and videos are removed for “suspicion of inciting racial hatred against Muslims” we seldom notice… how can we?  Most of them are not up long enough for the world to see.

I’ve asked myself, what can I do?  My only thought right now is to find someone with organizational skills, blogging skills and media access – a tall order.  Perhaps, as a group, we can find that someone if we keep banging that drum.

I’ve gone to Real Clear Politics, but have no idea where to post, who to contact there, but I will keep trying.  I’m also heading into the comment sections of different newspapers and leaving off-topic info.  I ask you all to duplicate these efforts.  We’ve got nothing to lose except a piece of Freedom if we don’t.

LionHeart is not defeated as long as we keep his story alive, for in doing so, we’re doing our part to keep Freedom alive.  It’s what our men and women in uniform of today and of yesteryear deserve from us – action on the home front.  They’re not firing off a few bullets and going home, and neither should we. 

If LionHeart has taught us anything, it’s that the preservation of Freedom is a never-ending battle on every front.  And we cannot let Freedom die without us.

Keep the Faith, and Keep the Fight.
Loyal Eagle