Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogging Can Get You Arrested, Never Mind Killed

Where is Paul Ray?  You may never have heard of him before - I know I didn't.  His story wasn't newsworthy enough for our MSM to report on - besides, why alert you to the possibility that reporting on Islam can not only get you killed by radical Muslims, but now-a-days can get you arrested and thrown in prison.  

I'll give you more of a background later -- when I cool down.  Right now I'm too angry, too upset over this.  To start, visit these two sites -- a MUST READ and SEE for all bloggers.


If even one of us is silenced for reporting on the activities of Muslim extremists, then all of us are endanger of the same fate. Please, do what you can. I beg of you. Do not let Freedom die without us at her side.