Monday, September 22, 2008


When you watch the video, notice a white sign to the right of Sarah in the background, the sign that's REALLY flapping around, then is suddenly gone, but appears again bent and wet???  YEAH, THAT'S ME!!!!!  

Seriously, that is me...  But, let me tell you why that sign is wet when you see it the second time. 

We made it to the event around 10:30 AM; fought unbelievable size crowds, far more than the 60,000 reported as many were forced to surrender their chosen place in the sun and leave because of the unbearable heat.  But, I braved the penetrating UV rays, burning my face and arms to a slight crisp, standing on my feet for some six hours shoulder to shoulder with others, just to see our girl, who didn't take the podium until 4:30 PM.  

I have no idea what the heat index was but by the time I saw that beautiful face and the First Dude, who by the way is even better looking and charming in person, I became so dizzy and weak that I found myself far closer to the ground than I would have preferred at a time like that.

The scenery through a sea of legs and feet caught my attention, but no one else's.  It dawned on me I was fainting, but all eyes were on our Alaskan Queen.  I suppose I was in denial myself.  As I was going down my own thoughts were to mouth the words "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah" in unison with the all the screaming heads above me.  Who could blame them for not noticing?

As my forehead thumped against my sister's open-toed sandal, she instinctively pulled it away, letting my skull hit the cement.  Out of sheer curiosity I suppose, she glanced down to see what had interrupted her chant, and like me she became somewhat alarmed.

But, she's the cool-headed one in the family.  She simply appropriated a nearby fan's water bottle and doused my head with its contents, never missing a beat as she continued with "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah."   Quick thinking I thought, and what loyalty!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Media Bias ?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Obama Left Behind in Chicago

"America for Americans"

A  1916 Memorial Day speech in St. Louis, by Theodore Roosevelt:

Moral treason to the United States was charged by Mr. Roosevelt, in an address delivered before the City Club, against German-Americans who seek to make their governmental representatives act in the interests of Germany rather than this country.  He characterized the German-American Alliance as "an anti-American alliance," but added that he believed that its members "not only do not represent but scandalously misrepresent" the great majority of real Americans of German origin.

Using the motto "America for Americans" for all Americans, whether they were born here or abroad, the former President declared that "the salvation of our people lies in having a nationalized and unified America, ready for the tremendous tasks of both war and peace."

"I appeal to all our citizens," the colonel said, "no matter from what land their forefathers came, to keep this ever in mind, and to shun with scorn and contempt the sinister intriguers and mischiefmakers who would seek to divide them along lines of creed, or birthplace or of national origin."
Col. Roosevelt said he came to St. Louis to speak on Americanism — to speak of and condemn the use of the hyphen "whenever it represents an effort to form political parties along racial lines or to bring pressure to bear on parties and politicians, not for American purposes, but in the interest of some group of voters of a certain national origin or of the country from which they or their fathers came.
He was equally against the native American of the wrong kind and for the immigrant of the right kind, the former President declared, but the immigrant who did not become in good faith an American "is out of place" in the United States. He said each nation should be judged by its conduct and that the United States should oppose encroachment on its own rights, whether Germany, England, France or Russia be guilty of misconduct.
"The effort to keep our citizenship divided against itself," the colonel continued, "by the use of the hyphen and along the lines of national origin is certain to breed a spirit of bitterness and prejudice and dislike between great bodies of our citizens.  If some citizens band together as German-Americans or Irish-Americans, then after a while others are certain to band together as English-Americans or Scandinavian-Americans, and every such banding together, every attempt to make for political purposes a German-American alliance or a Scandinavian-American alliance, means down at the bottom an effort against the interest of straight-out American citizenship, an effort to bring into our nation the bitter Old World rivalries amid jealousies and hatreds."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

This commercial was done by a local kid. View it to the end. When he finishes talking and walks away, you get a sense of how this could be the commercial of the campaign season.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama's Plan of Attack Against Palin

Obama '08 plans to attack Sarah Palin's record based on a report prepared by two-term, former Alaskan Governor, Tony Knowles (1994-2002), or his staff - who Palin trounced in the 2006 election.

Palin may be attacked for raising the Wasilla sales tax from 2% to 2.5%.

Back in the 1970s when Sarah Palin was in elementary school, Wasilla was a sleepy little town with a few hundred people.

No longer.

Wasilla is now a big town, at least by Alaska standards, with 7,000 residents, with much of the growth occurring during Palin's term as mayor.

A decade ago, property values in the city were assessed at $300 million, compared to the current assessment of $1.2 billion. And the city has issued 1,800 business licenses, up 500 in the last eight years.
She may be attacked for authorizing General Obligation Bonds to finance park and recreation capital improvements. Guess what. The people of Wasilla voted and approved it.  They wanted their parks.

She may be attacked for approving a $5.5 Million budget to pay for roads and sewers. Guess what? The people of Wasilla voted and approved it. They wanted improved roads and sewers.
Should we pave the dirt roads? Put in sewers? Which candidate is your hunting buddy? — seemed all but obsolete the year Ms. Palin, then 32, challenged the three-term incumbent, John C. Stein.
She may be attacked for increasing government administrative costs in 2003. Reportedly, the Wasilla admin costs went up 48%, but the population rise was 37%. Wasilla was on the grow. Not a bad thing, and this is an almost infinitesimal increase in cost- per-citizen.

She may be attacked for increasing city employee salaries and benefits. Allegedly, the increase was 67% but remember, the population grew by 37%.
Her supporters say she helped Wasilla evolve from a ridiculed backwater to fast-growing suburb. The population of about 5,000 during her tenure as mayor has grown to nearly 10,000 now, and the city is filling with big box stores, including a Target that is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, one of three opening statewide that day in the chain’s Alaska debut.
She may be attacked for campaigning for, and supporting, Governor Frank Murkowski before she no longer supported him, and took the seat from him in the primaries:
Even though Palin was in a three-way race, she won with 51 percent against two well-funded candidates, which suggests that she's a strong campaigner. (You don't crack a pure majority just by being likable and new, let alone pull away from a tightly grouped pack with institutional weight behind it.)
Refreshing, isn't it, that a politician can pull away from a once admired associate, and disassociate when that politician loses his way. It's interesting to note that, nevertheless, a Republican followed a Republican with Palin's win over Knowles.

And then there's this kindergarten statement in the The Knowles report:
As mayor, Palin fired someone because she said he intimidated her with his size and because he gave her a "stern look." She asked her department heads to give her only good news and once complained because we are so desperate in Alaska for any semblance of glamour and culture.

Yeah, right. No sources given.

The "glamour" sling: Ivana Trump was in town promoting a line of perfume at J.C. Penney (or some say it was Costco). Palin made the above comment as she was entering the store and making her way to Trump. What's to be made of a Mayor wanting to give her town a bit of "glamour and culture?" Downright indecent, isn't it?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Newt takes on MSNBC over Gov. Palin's experience.

You go Newt!!!!