Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Prepare to grind your teeth and wonder why nothings changed since 2000...

Here’s a leftblog story accusing Fox news of denigrating the homeless - rather than focusing on the voter fraud - including bussing in homeless from out of state -  being reported, which the left blog apparently finds acceptable... much more "relevant" to accuse FOX of homeless "abuse."

A Baltimore Sun reader (possibly the lone Republican reader...) takes issue with a Sun editorial that correctly addressed voter fraud but selectively refused to name ACORN’s involvement, pointing out that “...ACORN has been implicated in similar voter fraud schemes in 14 other states.”  He ends with a great line, saying, “The Baltimore Sun loses credibility when its selective outrage reveals its liberal bias.”  

I’m sure it  was merely coincidence that these missing voter registration forms came from a Republican organization...

This story touches on the homeless voter registration question, along with several other issues; in the main, however, it addresses how easily and disgustingly any  fool with a penchant to sue and persistence born of boredom can use the legal system to pass the day and simultaneously tie government in knots.

This story, from another leftblog brags:
“Kym Cason said that she registered 25 times and registered several of her friends 40 times to help her boyfriend, who earned $2 for each voter he registered for the Association of Community Organizations.”

I stumbled onto a site that specializes in trying to prove that allegations of voter fraud are... a fraud.  Not surprisingly, this is a left-wing group with a pretentious sounding name “Bennan Center for Justice” at NYU Law School.  

Seems to me that the same folks who want open borders also want open voting.  Check out the site... be prepared to gag!

Not surprising that the NY Slime would print an Editorial saying...
“There is no evidence that voting by noncitizens is a significant problem.”

“There is, however, ample evidence that a requirement of proof of citizenship will keep many eligible voters from voting.”

“...the driving force behind strict voter ID requirements in general is not a genuine effort to prevent fraud, since there is virtually no evidence that in-person voter fraud is occurring. It is, rather, the Republican Party’s electoral calculations.”

There is the occasional good news, such as this report about criminal charges being filed against a voter registration worker who faked approximately 27 registration forms, explaining that she, “...had to meet a daily quota of twelve to fifteen registration forms set up by her employer, the Community Voters Project, on top of a second job.

This site, “Stop the ACLU” explains the above story, pointing out that the “nonpartisan” voter registration organization that employed the soon-to-be felon, was actually part of the Progressive Future Education Fund, which had been involved in several other cases of voter fraud?

“ACORN voter fraud” is a very productive search term, as can be seen


A big thank you to BK, from http://www.chatmembers.com/ccr/ for the above info, which can be found in the thread "Fighting Fraud."