Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Hillary Lost The Nomination

We Will Not Be Silenced - Part 1  A new documentary by moderate Democrats reveals for the first time the extent to which American citizens have been disenfranchised by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. This should dispel doubts about how the Democratic nomination was stolen. 

The above video was a short introduction to the documentary. The Hill Buzz has written about the new documentary, “We Will Not Be Silenced,” by screenwriter and director Gigi Gaston. It focuses on the “caucus fraud deliberately orchestrated by the Obama campaign during the primaries. Voter intimidation, registration fraud, vandalism, threats of violence, you name it, Obama’s supporters did it.”

Over 2000 complaints in Texas alone reveal a corrupted caucus system that literally stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton. The targeting of local Democratic parties by grassroots leftist activists using smear campaigns to take over local parties in many states started in 2006. Some Democrats believe that these tactics followed the plans laid out by Democracy for America started by Howard Dean.

There are numerous stories of the infiltration by far-left outsiders, often calling themselves “Active Democrats,” who were moved into different localities all over the U.S. during the last two years with the intent to take over local party leadership by any means necessary. Complaints taken to the state level were ignored due to the fact that nobody wanted to rock the boat so close to the primaries. Enraged moderate Democrats, silenced and ignored by their own party, turned to conservative publications to get the word out. In Nov. 2006 I wrote about The Active Democrats Revolution, based upon the stories brought to me by one lifelong Democrat and former Texas county Democratic party chair. (See Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs)

According to new information I received, the goal was to replace moderate county chairs with someone within the left wing, and it began with maligning and accusing party chairs of being “Republicans,” and then continued with unrelenting personal attacks. On Primary caucus night in several Texas counties out-of-towners invaded polling precincts to “help” with the sign-in and selection of Obama delegates. However, only voters who live in the voting precinct are allowed to participate in the caucus. Labor party members hijacked local Democratic Party meetings. Corruption during the primary caucuses did happen in just about every Texas county. There were threats, intimidation, lies, stolen documents, lost documents, falsified documents, etc.

The creators of "We Will Not Be Silenced" are clearly Hillary supporters, but the stories told in the preview of the documentary are very similar to stories I have been attempting to document since 2006.

This documentary is about the disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. We the People have made this film. Democrats have sent in their stories from all parts of America. We want to be heard and let the country know how our party has sanctioned the actions of what we feel are Obama Campaign "Chicago Machine" dirty politics. We believe this infamous campaign of "change" from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote, which is, of course, all documented in "We Will Not Be Silenced."

The documentary is gathering further testimonials and cooperating with law enforcement in an investigation into the Obama campaign’s effort to undermine the general election. The RICO investigation of the Obama campaign and of ACORN is already underway. Hill Buzz claims that a pattern of behavior in the primaries clearly reveals a “national conspiracy, rooted in Chicago, to hijack this election and defraud the will of the people.”
There is a lot of activity in Chicago right now, with a lot of IRS agents looking into the finances coming in and out of this city, and across state lines (this was established on Monday when the GOP issued emergency press releases that much of Obama’s campaign contributions could very well be illegal foreign contributions - what appears to be deliberately poor record keeping designed to hide the true identities and monetary sources of online donors is at issue here).

If you are still not convinced that there’s real fire here, please read some of the Caucus Injustices documents and links that have been gathered at the “We Will Not Be Silenced” web site.
To learn more about how the radical left has undermined the Democratic Party on the local level read the following articles I published between 2006 and 2007:
The Active Democrats Revolution , Obama Campaign Abusive to Blue Dogs, Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs, and Democratic Left Cloaked in Religion and Patriotism.

Hats off to Barbara Sowell at Digital Journal for a well-written and excellent article and quite an informative read.