Monday, September 22, 2008


When you watch the video, notice a white sign to the right of Sarah in the background, the sign that's REALLY flapping around, then is suddenly gone, but appears again bent and wet???  YEAH, THAT'S ME!!!!!  

Seriously, that is me...  But, let me tell you why that sign is wet when you see it the second time. 

We made it to the event around 10:30 AM; fought unbelievable size crowds, far more than the 60,000 reported as many were forced to surrender their chosen place in the sun and leave because of the unbearable heat.  But, I braved the penetrating UV rays, burning my face and arms to a slight crisp, standing on my feet for some six hours shoulder to shoulder with others, just to see our girl, who didn't take the podium until 4:30 PM.  

I have no idea what the heat index was but by the time I saw that beautiful face and the First Dude, who by the way is even better looking and charming in person, I became so dizzy and weak that I found myself far closer to the ground than I would have preferred at a time like that.

The scenery through a sea of legs and feet caught my attention, but no one else's.  It dawned on me I was fainting, but all eyes were on our Alaskan Queen.  I suppose I was in denial myself.  As I was going down my own thoughts were to mouth the words "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah" in unison with the all the screaming heads above me.  Who could blame them for not noticing?

As my forehead thumped against my sister's open-toed sandal, she instinctively pulled it away, letting my skull hit the cement.  Out of sheer curiosity I suppose, she glanced down to see what had interrupted her chant, and like me she became somewhat alarmed.

But, she's the cool-headed one in the family.  She simply appropriated a nearby fan's water bottle and doused my head with its contents, never missing a beat as she continued with "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah."   Quick thinking I thought, and what loyalty!!!