Sunday, June 15, 2008

FIRST BLOOD -- Conservatives Fall Into Trap

The recent event dubbed the “Whitey Tape” is precisely what this site is all about – scams the Main Stream Media help perpetrate on the public.  So, bear with me as I show you how they helped to pull a Houdini on us -- a serious one.  

By now, few have not heard of the "Whitey Tape."  While several conservative bloggers  hit the nail on head as far as its ultimate purpose and effect, they missed what actually went down.  Here’s my take on it, from the inside out. 

While the “Whitey Tape” rumor was still in its infancy, purposely planted on May 16th by Larry Johnson of "No Quarter, (see Sweetness & Light for more revelations about Larry), a devout Hillary supporter (who readily implicated the Republicans as the culprits), Hillary and Obama were going to great lengths arranging a secret meeting.  Sure, chuck that up to coincidence, right?  WRONG.  This tape, if it exists, is THE clincher, would you not agree?  Also keep in mind that at the time of this secret meeting, Hillary suspended her campaign, not ended it – after all, anything could happen knocking Obama off his pedestal, right?

No one, not even the new MSM Messiah, could know with certainty if someone who tends to perceive white people as the cause of their own limitations would EVER make derogatory comments when referencing that cause.  There’s more of a chance they would use inflammatory words, would you not agree again?

That is not to say the wife of a politically-career-minded man would not guard her words, but emotions do supersede intentions from time to time.  And it’s easy to slip, especially when you’re caught-up in the moment by an audience cheering you on.  It is to say, however, Obama did not know for sure if the tape existed or not.  How could he?  Unless... he truly is God?

The uncertainty alone would command a secret meeting.  It was essential for Obama to “defuse and secure the situation” before he could continue to Denver…. which he did, or so he obviously now believes.

Remember, we’re talking about a “tape,” which could only mean an old VHS of yesteryear.  The word “tape” gives some credibility to the rumor.  Liars seldom pay attention to insignificant details, which in this case the word “tape” instead of “DVD" supports that the alleged incident occurred perhaps as late as fifteen years ago and not necessarily at Trinity United as originally thought, but possibly at a Louis Farrakhan conference, which is how the rumor has it...finally.  The details as to where, when and content kept changing, which could be due to embellishment or a lack of information, but the word "tape" did not.  In my opinion, if it exists, it was discovered while transferring VHSs onto DVDs for posterity.  If that is the case, who knows if any other copies or incidences exist.

In any event, let’s fast-forward ourselves.  We have a rumor out there, planted by a Hillary supporter who ensures its circulation in conservative circles as a means to another ending, and Obama does not deny the tape’s existence before secretly meeting with Hillary… you following this?  In fact, on June 5, when asked whether or not it's true he says, "If somebody has evidence... ...let them do it."  The word "if" implies a condition of possibility, meaning he's uncertain. 

Because Obama did not know with certainty, it was time to do some serious talking and damage control -- and quick.  The meeting could go either way, depending on who’s got what on whom and the cost.  They reach an agreement, which, according to both Hillary and Obama, had nothing to do with the VP spot.  What then did they agree on?  Obama's political future, of course.  He only flat-out denies the tape's existence AFTER the meeting via the launching of a new Web site.  Again, that is not to say the tape did or did not exist, but to say at one point Obama did not know.  That in itself speaks volumes.    

Both Obama and Hillary come out of the meeting unscathed, smelling sweet, while the Republicans and conservatives take the fall.  Every MSM outlet informs its readers, or implies, the "Whitey Tape" was a right-wing smear tactic.   The truth is, those conservative bloggers were among the first to question the validity of the rumor and debunk it.  It was the left-wingers who ran with it, and still do.

But, to all Republicans, conservatives, don’t let this type of informational warfare deter you.  Rest in the knowledge that if Hillary is ticked-off enough or frightened of being exposed, and if she believes a leak came from the Obama camp, sit back and watch that tape surface or something even worse – there’s no real loyalty there.  They forgot, two can play the game, and they drew first blood.

So, to all those who readily pointed a finger at Republicans and conservatives, who went along with this scam, I give you THE BIRD.


I wrongly indicated in my original post prior to editing that Larry Johnson was of "Sweetness & Light."  He is not.  Normally I would have simply posted a correction as opposed to editing, but the error was so grievous to S&L that I couldn't let it stand.  "[I]t was S&L that first called Johnson on this obvious red herring."  My apologies. 


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