Saturday, August 2, 2008


Op-Ed Columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post clearly sensed the need to balance perspectives in his “So Much for St. John” article today. The public is now cognizant of the fact that the media has been subliminally and repeatedly promoting Barrack Obama as the new Messiah, halo and all.  Thus, it’s time for the MSM to distract from that truth by dubbing McCain at least a saint -- "St. John the Reformer" to be exact, who suffered with delusions of grandeur.  Yeah, that will work.

But then, Robinson just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He has Obama making “predictions,” like an authentic omniscient god. Imagine Obama predicting that someone would claim he’s inexperienced, and then have someone actually claim it !!!  It’s uncanny I tell you.

And, according to Robinson, Obama also speaks in enigmatic parables, confusing even the most elite.  When Obama wisely said 'he doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills," the evil McCain camp was instantly blinded to it's true meaning, and promptly retorted "by feigning outrage" over what they believed was Obama playing the race card from the bottom of the deck.  But, ah, it was not so... 


Take for instance Obama's reference to the $1.00 bill.  It had nothing to do with skin color but oral hygiene.  President Washington's teeth were fake, carved from hippopotamus and elephant ivory -- not so with Obama's.  And in regards to the $5.00 bill, well, that should have been obvious to anyone with eyes.  Lincoln was much taller.  The matter of contention was Obama's height, not ethnicity.   

Then, we have those other wildly ridiculous assertions by McCain according to Robinson, like Obama "doesn't understand" the war.  And, between you and me, Robinson's demurring over this torrid vicious attack may have some substance.  After all, who really knows for sure if the surge would have worked?  Obama still says, "No," which is the majority view of the liberal left. 

So, McCain's "outrageous charge that Obama 'would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign,' " is nothing more than an attack on Obama's patriotism, explains Robinson, which can only mean another Obama prediction came true.  Quite remarkable, wouldn't you say?  

Robinson makes the case that McCain's allegations are "blatantly false" and points to the accusation of a "canceled visit with injured troops in Germany," as being among those falsehoods.  There's no way Obama would have passed-up an opportunity like that if the possibility of it reflecting poorly on him wasn't a real concern.  So, apparently it's not true; he couldn't go.  Trust me, I know there's a heavenly planet out there where this makes sense.               

And the dirtiest low point of the McCain's campaign is his negative ad with those disgusting images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears  flashing on the screen "before showing Obama in Berlin addressing the multitudes."  (Yeah, he writes "multitudes" instead of audience or crowd... speaking of flashing images.)   Personally, I see no real connection between white women and Obama, other than media driven popularity of air-heads.  ....oh, oh, I get it now.   

Well, at least Ludicrous realizes that, according to Robinson, if it were not for the evil McCain’s aggressive "excursion into popular culture," Obama would never have denounced him.  And here we were, beginning to assume the best of Obama. 

And so the light has dawned, and the rushing sound of twirling wind has touched your spirit, whispering the truth:  St. Eugene should not preach in Obama's name. 

For spinning the facts with the finesse and speed of a weed-whacker, today's "Bird Award" deservingly goes to Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.  Enjoy.