Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Obama Deception

I do not indulge in “conspiracies.” Frankly, I generally considered people who do as “nut jobs.” My bad. But the information documented and points made in this particular film are far more difficult for me to dismiss as mere propaganda by conspiracy nuts. My take on this film is, if we don’t band together and unite NOW, you are more than likely looking at a sneak forecast of what you are about to experience soon.

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I’ve just finished viewing in its entirety The Obama Deception HQ Full length version. This is one video where both left and right will point fingers at each other and each side will claim that the other side doesn’t have the guts to watch it all!

This full-length 2 hour video is more gripping than an episode of 24! And it’s far more frightening! It’s a well-documented high quality video that makes a very strong case and it should be viewed by every American.

Here are some questions the video attempts to answer:

Are we in a final phase of a global takeover? - An artificially engineered global bankruptcy? And could it be true?

Was JFK the last real president of the USA? Have all subsequent presidents been mere puppets of international globalist bankers? What were Hillary and Obama doing at the secret Bilderberger meeting at the Westfield’s Marriott hotel in Virginia???

Here’s what AOL News had to say on Sunday:

One conspiracy-minded Web site called said that if confirmed, Sebelius "will be pleased to do the bidding of the Bilderbergers in the Obama administration."

The fact that other top members of the Obama team -- economists Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers and Paul Volcker -- have participated in Bilderberg conferences has only added fuel to the fire.

Is Obama the chosen Trojan Horse that will usher in One World Government?

Why did $5 Trillion dollars just disappear out of the U.S. treasury?

Is the Federal Reserve a private crime syndicate that owns President Obama just as it owned President Bush? Why is the Federal Reserve beyond the law? Why did the Federal Reserve cut off liquidity? Why are they buying up everything?

Is Obama not only continuing George Bush’s policies but radically expanding them?

Will the U.S. be brought under the control of the off shore Bank of The World?

Is Obama planning a 3 million person environmental domestic spy force? - If so, why?

Here is more of what the video presents:

The most oppressive police-state control grid is now being put into place. 20,000 regular Army troops are now being deployed to control the streets of the U.S. F.E.M.A. is building giant detention center camps in every region of the country in preparation for massive riots. (See HR 645 – which merges local governments and the police under Federal control).

We must prepare now!!! They are getting ready for the riots.

Obama ordered the Defense Dept to issue DOD directive 1404.10 establishing a one million person civilian army under Obama’s control. At the same time Obama launched USA as a recruiting tool to build a completely private army outside of government control and only answerable to Obama.

Obama refused to rescind Directive 51 signed by Pres. Bush, which plainly states that the President is a dictator and Congress is only ceremonial!

All Americans below the age of 64 will be forcibly conscripted into government service.

Middle school and High School students will be forced to serve the federal government. All Americans between the ages of 18-24 will be conscripted into a domestic force.

Disarming America – Obama and his cohorts have introduced 10 bills to end the 2nd amendment, and to remove all guns from Americans!!! You will not be able to own a handgun in America.

There will be massive restrictions on the 1st amendment guarantee of free speech through the Fairness Doctrine which will also regulate the internet.

The Federalization of heath care will also restrict who gets it.

Much, much more is brought out in the video. It’s absolutely frightening when we see all that has happened in the past few months put together in this one video.

The film makers claim that Barack Obama is a Madison Ave. created Media Fad. - An artificially designed cult movement that is necessary but won’t last. That’s why they are in such a rush to push through so much while Obama is still relatively popular. If the N.W.O. can just distract the public for a few more years . . .

Here’s what the film makers say we must do:

1. Expose the cult of Obama

2. Realized that we are all being propagandized 24/7

3. Investigate it all for yourself.

4. Be aware of the tricks being used.

5. Rediscover the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

6. Join the growing movements that say no to corruption and no to One World Gov.

The film ends:

There may be a billion people on the planet but it only takes one to make a change. Are you the one? Are you the one?

Humankind is at a historic crossroad and the forces of globalism are marching towards absolute despotism.

We all must look at history and understand!!! Are we going to let history repeat itself?

A high quality version can be downloaded or a DVD can be purchased at You can also burn a disk to give to friends and family.

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